Sustainability at our camp site

Our tents are built and mounted in such a way as to not need any alterations to the ground below; if they were removed after a couple of weeks you would not have known they had been there!

Where possible we have upcycled furniture and furnishings and used local materials and craftsmanship to create the interiors. Power for the lights and fridges is generated by solar power from our own solar panels.

Our greywater is processed naturally by our reed bed, without the need for chemicals, creating clean water which in turn makes it’s way to the river. We are very proud to have our reed bed, especially having been involved in the process of creating it!

Looking after our little piece of Suffolk

We provide several bins at each tent for glass, recyclable waste, food waste and land fill so our guests are also able to do their bit for the environment by placing their rubbish in the appropriate bins.

The wood for the wood burner, camp fire and wood fired pizza oven as well as the charcoal for the BBQ’s are all from a local supplier. Horses are used to extract the wood from the forest so as to have a minimal impact on the forest floor, and all the wood is from nearby sustainable woodland.

We use eco-friendly cleaning products when cleaning our lodges and the toilets are fitted with a half flush option to cut down on water waste.

Preserving the surrounding area

We work closely with The Woodland Trust, and as a result have planted over 500m of native hedgerows to create beautiful, connecting wildlife corridors. We’ve also planted over 350 native trees to enhance our existing hedges and woodland areas which date back to Saxon times!

We are members of The Suffolk Wildlife Trust who we have consulted on ways to improve and maintain the wildlife we have here at Hidden Meadows. From their recommendations we have revived a large pond which has not only created a home for fish and other aquatic animals, but also provides a much needed habitat for kingfishers, swallows, bats, dragonflies, moths, butterflies etc. as well as providing a safe drinking place for deer and other animals.

We do not use any insecticides or artificial fertilisers on any of our land, therefore our edible fruits and plants are safe to eat at the point of picking! We have erected owl boxes, managed the woods and reed beds for birds, bats and insects and will always be working on ways to improve our site for wildlife and guests!